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James Lee Primary School

School Council

As active participants of the Nursery community, the children are in a prominent position to voice their opinions and raise issues that concern them.

It is vitally important that the children have a role to play and that as adults we listen and value their voice.

At the school council meetings we encourage children to play an active role in the discussions.

 The topics discussed may include:

  • Recycling.
  • How we can help and support the new children.
  • What makes us feel sad or happy.
  • What could we do if another child is feeling sad?
  • How do we feel about moving on to big school?

Previous School Council meetings:

Why it is good to listen to each other and not to interrupt when someone is speaking?

  • We listen to each other and we don't interrupt

  • you have to listen at "tidy up time" so we don't fall over things

  • If somebody pushes you, you need to tell the teachers and the teachers need to listen

  • We should listen at lunch time so we are tidy and clean

  • If we didn't listen at 'tidy up time' it would be called 'Messy school'

  • We listen to teachers at story time because we like stories


How to resolve conflict at nursery?

Sometimes it's hard to be friends with everyone.

What do you do if someone does something we don't like?

What could you say?

What could you do?

  • Put your hand up and stay stop!

  • Use a big grumpy voice

  • You can tell a teacher

  • If you are fighting you say that's not okay

  • Say stop doing that, I don't like it!

  • Use a big voice


How did you feel when you first started nursery and how can you support the new children?

  • I didn't know where things go and it made me feel sad. But now I know and I can show them where things go.

  • If someone pushes, you need to go to the teacher or say: "Stop I don't like it" in a big voice.

  • It was a bit scary for me, but it's not scary now, cause the people showed me.

  • I am not scared. I am a big boy now.