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James Lee Primary School

School Meals


All Children have a school meal in a family setting. We have meals supervisors who assist with the lunches.

The children help to set the tables for lunch as we consider lunch-time another learning situation for the children.

The cost of the school meal and further details will be given to you just before your child begins to stay for lunch. If your child has Special dietary please inform the admin staff.

To view current lunch time menu please see below.

 Jan-July 2023 menu

School meals at James Lee will be provided by The Pantry from September 2023.

  Pantry Menu Feb 2024 to July 2024 


Milk and Fruit

A free 1/3 pint of cows’ milk is available for children to drink at nursery school. Water is provided as an alternative. Please remind your child of the importance of maintaining a high fluid intake, especially when it is hot. We will also remind them in school. Parents donate fruit to their child’s class so children can have access to fresh fruit throughout the day.


Due to the high number of food allergies our children have, we no longer share birthday cakes at school. Birthdays are still marked at gathering time; children may bring in some special fruit to share.